Once upon a time, in a world where talking pigs were commonplace, there were four Piggyz who were especially close friends. They were known as Buddy, Piggerton, Pigdora, and Oinkers. The four Piggyz were always having fun, earning money, and making a lot of noise. They were the ultimate team, the ultimate community, and the ultimate force for good in the world. They loved each other like family and were always there for each other, no matter what

Buddy was a big pig with a big heart. He was always there for his friends in their times of need, and he had a way of making people smile just by talking to them.

Piggerton was a clever pig who loved nothing more than a good game of chess. He was always one step ahead of everyone else, and his friends often relied on him to come up with creative solutions to problems.

Pigdora was a pig with a passion for fashion. She loved to dress up in all the latest trends, and she was always trying new hairstyles and makeup. Her friends loved her quirky sense of style, and she always had a good sense of humor.

Oinkers was a pig with a big appetite. He loved to eat, but he also loved to cook. He was always trying new recipes and sharing them with his friends. They loved to try his latest creations and give him feedback on how to make them even better.

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He is the person behind "PIGGGYZ," a whimsical and distinctive artistic creation that has captured the hearts of many. But to truly understand the magic behind "PIGGGYZ," one must delve into the depths of his personal journey.

From a young age, he was enveloped in the world of art, thanks to the rich tapestry of creativity that was woven into his family's history. In his family, art wasn't just a hobby; it was a way of life, an essential part of their identity.

Over time, his love for art evolved and matured. He experimented with different styles and techniques, seeking to find his own voice amidst the cacophony of artistic expression. And then, one day, "PIGGYZ" was born.

PIGGGYZ represented a fusion of creativity, humor, and a deep connection to the natural world. These quirky characters, inspired by the playful antics of pigs, carried a profound message beneath their whimsical exteriors. They spoke of joy and the beauty in simplicity.

His creations transcended traditional boundaries and touched people's hearts. They reminded us all that art isn't confined to museums or galleries; it can be found in the everyday, in the laughter of a piglet, in the playfulness of nature.


Each PIGGGYZ is one of a kind and programmatically generated from over 350 possible traits with a wide array of colors, facial features, outfits, headwear, accessories, and backgrounds. All PIGGGYZ are adored, but some are rarer than others.

The PIGGGYZ are stored as 10k tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.Purchasing a PIGGGYZ costs FREE if you are PIGLIST and 0.0033 eth in the public sale.

Every PIGGGYZ holder will soon gain access to “BaconDAO”, an exclusive members-only area.

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Nov 17th




0.0033 ETH





The launch of 10.000 PIGGGYZ collection into the blockchain. Each PIGGGYZ is amazing and unique, but some are rarer than others. Purchasing an PIGGGYZ costs PIGLIST free and Public 0.0033 eth (+ gas fees). Join our Discords to see more sneak peeks of the art and share the excitement with the rest!


As PIGGGYZ Founders you will be the first in line to receive our next collection drop or exclusive drop made special for Founders. There will also be more founders’ privileges such as exclusive merchandise, signed prints of your NFT, events for holders, merchant deals and many more.


A new dream to be realized and one vision to walk toward. We are hoping that we are walking on this journey with you OINK OINK OINK !!


We want to build this project together and would love to hear your ideas. We plan to implement a BaconDAO system within PIGGGYZ to enable founders to have their voice in this project. We can’t wait to have you, founders, join us in our journey together into the PIGGGYZ.

Burn your PIGGGYZ 🐷, Cook some Bacon🥓 & get a custom!


Mint one of the token IDs to receive the specified NFT airdrop.


BaconDAO is a DAO formed of PIGGGYZ Holders who contribute to the PIGGGYZ Project .


70% of all royalties collected from marketplaces will be distributed to each PIGGGYZ.


Daily,weekly and massive monthly social Royal Rumble events in our discord for verfied PIGGGYZ holders.

Do you smell bacon 🥓 ?


On Chain Perks 🐷

🐷 70% Royalties shared among holders ( Bi-Monthly Distribution )

🐷 Exclusive Holder Giveaway Party Events daily, weekly, and monthly

🐷 Launch $GGG Token ( Utility to be announced! Stay excited )

Social 🐷

🐷 ETH Community Fund ( Support projects we decide on together )

🐷 Donations(Supporting local creative industry)


🐷 All the excitement of PIGGGYZVERSE (Let’s build this together!)

🐷 Virtual Art Festival Support artists to show their talents


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Frequently Asked Questions

10.000 PIGGGYZ ready to Party ! Welcome to PIGGGYZ (GGG) 🐷 The PIGGGYZ motto is : Have Fun, Earn & OINK OINK OINK!
As soon as all the necessary arrangements and partnerships are completed.
A fair price for the mint should be set in such a way that it is affordable to all, but still generates enough revenue to allocate funds from the treasury to improve the project.
In order to get on the PIGLIST, it is necessary to engage actively, keep up with the updates and take part in events such as premint, alphabot, giveaways, etc.

All updates for PIGGGYZ will be made through the official PIGGGYZ Twitter and Discord. There will never be a “surprise mint” or sudden instance where we will ask you to connect your wallet or send us any of your NFTs.

There are many steps you can take to protect yourself in the crypto and NFT space, at the bare minimum we highly recommend you use a Ledger or other cold wallet to store your assets.

Also, the majority of attacks we see on crypto users come in the form of social manipulation. Know that we will never contact you directly or act as a middle-man in a trade. If something sounds too good to be true, or requires urgent action so you don’t miss something, it is likely someone is trying to take advantage of you.

Make sure to follow Discord & Twitter announcement to not miss it.